Edition #5: The Future of Young Makers

I know you're not expecting this. But.. It's extremely exciting and I can't wait to share this with you!

Sincere Apologies 🙏

I know you’re probably expecting an interview this week. I messed up a little on the logistics so there won’t be an interview for this week. Tldr; the interviewee didn’t respond to my follow-up questions. Please accept my sincere apologies to you.

Moving forward, I will work on making sure, as best I can, that this doesn’t happen again by taking the following steps:

  1. Making sure there’s a back up interview – this means more work up front. I’ll have to run a few interviews simultaneously.

  2. Planning an interview schedule – this allows me to make sure I’m always on top of everything. If the schedule is behind time, it would be clear and I can address them promptly.

It’s important I address this as transparently as I can. I’m running this newsletter on my own after my full-time job’s office hours. Each edition takes hours of work – getting interviews, editing it and following up with questions.

It can get tiring for me sometimes. However, I’m not going to stop because I believe in it’s vision to help aspiring makers succeed. For 2020, my OKR is to help 1000 makers get to $10K MRR through this newsletter.

As Marc Andreessen has said it best, it’s time to build. We need more makers to create jobs and solve problems incrementally for a better future.

The Future of Young Makers ✨

Despite a flurry of health issues – chronic sinus, flu, and chills, I’ve been hard at work on building up Young Maker’s website. It will allow me to do the following:

Better Content

Currently, each newsletter limits me to 1 interview with a successful maker. Adding anything else makes it too long for a quick read – feedback from a few readers. It constrains how much I can benefit each reader.

The only way forward is to build a platform for me to add more content via a website. If you’re subscribed to this newsletter, you get the interviews and a round up of resources created for that week. Anytime you want to find all the possible articles on a topic, you can do that through the search bar on the website.

I already consume a lot of content related to making profitable products. Most of these are summarized into a twitter thread on Bootstrapping. So, why not make it easier for everyone to access them from a website with a better search and browsing experience?

Bigger Community

We currently have a general telegram group with regular participation from 16 members. There’s also a group for paid members who are in a Newsletter Workshop group – they pay $50 to learn how to launch and grow their newsletter in 2 weeks.

Having the website up would allow me to verify real, active makers and permit them to join the group. This means higher quality of participation and an active community.

We want more doers than lurkers; more contributors than takers. Content created by members should help those who are already actively participating in discussions. This will encourage a virtuous loop of paying it forward.

I mean it when I say I want to build a community to help 1000 people to get to their first $10K Monthly Recurring Revenue (MRR).

Gateway to Bootstrapping

I spoke with many aspiring makers who are still trying to figure out how to get started. One of their major concerns is not knowing where to start. There may be websites like Indie Hackers but it’s just a mountain of information to them.

I was a lurker in indie hacking communities for 3 years. I know what it feels like to suffer paralysis by analysis. It was 3 years of lost opportunities that I can never get back.

Like a leaky bucket, lurkers consume information and spit them out. I don’t want you to suffer from the same problem. Through the new website I’m building, I can help you to get started with your baby steps. I can track your progress like you’re doing an online course.

And as you follow the steps and go through milestones like your first $100, $1000, etc, you get promoted into new exclusive groups. These groups will be geared towards your growth stage, with specific help from people who are in the next tier.

It would be the gateway for any aspiring maker to get started in their $10K MRR dream. And this is all for free, at least for now.

Your thoughts? 💭

If you’re angry with me, I can understand. Feel free to rant at me if that makes you feel better.

If you’re excited about what I’ve shared with you in this special edition, let me know. Tell me what you really think. I’ll appreciate it very very much.

Just hit reply to this email and I’ll respond to every email you send. It’s a great way to make friends online.

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